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Your consultant  in a daily basis

Atridev, based in Quebec in the Montreal area, offers web development consulting services. With our expertise and investment, we are ready to help you successfully complete all your web projects.

Years of expertise

With over 10 years of experience, we have worked on a variety of projects, from large infrastructures to small informational websites, to multilingual solutions (over 20 languages) and e-commerce platforms with thousands of transactions.

Web skills

Need help with PHP, Drupal, Shopify, or React development projects? Need assistance upgrading your site in terms of accessibility, GDPR, or security? Let us help you achieve your goals.

Client needs before the solution

Satisfying customer needs is the top priority. Our expertise is provided to find solutions that meet your needs, while remaining flexible in terms of technology choices. Commitment and the pursuit of excellence are always aimed for in customer relationships.

Your future partner

If our skills and commitment to customer satisfaction don't convince you, engage us and we guarantee you won't be disappointed. You won't just be another customer, but a full-fledged partner.

Consultant Atridev

Employee or Consultant?

Companies looking to improve their online presence may face a difficult choice: to hire an in-house employee or a web development consultant.

Although hiring an in-house employee can bring long-term stability, it can often be more expensive. Hiring a web development consultant can offer a more flexible and economical alternative for companies that want quick results. Consultants can be hired for specific projects, which may be more suited to the company's needs, and their targeted expertise can help them quickly achieve project goals.