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Le canelé Montréalais


Le Canelé Montrealais is a company that sells Bordeaux caneles (a small cake with a soft, vanilla and rum-flavored center, surrounded by a caramelized coating) located in Montreal. They already had an existing website on Wordpress, which was mainly a showcase site and orders were made through a web form and processed by email.


They wanted a multilingual online store to display their list of caneles, where customers could pay directly online with a credit card, with an automated email workflow. Another important point for them is that users must be able to choose their pickup date and time when ordering, they do not offer delivery at the moment. For organizational reasons, there is also a minimum quantity of 6 caneles for orders.


Barbara was already familiar with the Shopify interface and less comfortable with the editorial experience on their current Wordpress site, so we ruled out the solution of adding WooCommerce to their current site. Given their budget and need, we agreed that the best solution was a Shopify store.

We set up a custom theme in line with their existing graphic charter. To save costs, we started from a basic, free community theme, but beware of these themes that do not fully respect SEO and accessibility best practices. We had to make some changes to improve all of this.

Custom development

For managing pickup dates/times, we carefully looked at what already existed in the Shopify store to offer the best solution. We saw many paid monthly applications that offered the desired service but given the client's reduced budget, this was not the best option. We went with an application that offers a free package that meets the need or close to it. Some custom development was required to offer the functionality in English and French.

Another important point is the minimum order limit to put in place. There are many applications in the store to do this, all paid, but they also came with many other features that the client did not need. So we developed a small solution to block orders that would not comply with this criterion.

Finally, there are also basic content pages, a map to find all the places to enjoy the caneles, and of course, the site works well on mobile, tablet and desktop. And the whole thing is manageable by the client with ease!

Feedback Atridev

We recommend Aurélien and Simon's services with our eyes closed. They listened to us from A to Z to propose the website that best met our needs and we are more than proud of it.

Barbara and Florian

Founders of Le Canelé Montréalais